Unlocking Potential

Leadership Coaching


With a proven approach to coaching from the International Coach Federation, take your career to the next level, work through your goals and deliver lasting results.  Coaching will inspire you to grow and develop personally and professionally.

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Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

We deliver Human Resources expertise for all your small business or HR project needs including recruitment, compensation, benefits, team building, investigations, policy development, culture and much more.

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Leverage Key Consulting Expertise



Key Consulting challenges leaders and high potential employees to explore the possibilities beyond their existing approaches.  We coach you on improving people skills, decision-making and productivity in ways that your talents shine brighter. 

You'll be supported with a focused coach process and a uniquely flexible professional engagement anchored in a commitment to your success.

Through coaching you will explore new behaviors, techniques and develop tools in the growth of YOU, your career advancement and leadership capacity.

An approach always tailored to your needs and aligned to your goals and aspirations to achieve true personal and business progress and impact.  

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Need targeted Human Resources services for your next recruitment?  We can deliver on a search, selection and effective on-boarding of people.

Let us help you develop an effective Human Resources Strategy that will leverage a strong compensation and benefits program as an employer of choice while ensuring cost efficiencies, state of the art delivery and regulatory compliance.

A key part of a strong business strategy is Human Resources strategy, policies and processes and organization structures, job design, and workforce planning to ensure that your business operates effectively - we can do that for you.

 Help build your team culture through needs analysis, assessment and an effective action plans to grow your team.

As a large organization,  we're available to meet your project or term needs with targeted Human Resources expertise where you need it.